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We all wish we could go back to simpler times. When we we're racing our bikes and razor scooters down our neighborhood with our childhood friends. The sheer feeling of joy going at high speeds complimented the concept of not having a care in the world. Now we're adults  so we aren't supposed to have as much fun, or can we? Introducing the all new ZIPCASE. Tap into your youth by racing down airport terminals and get to your destination in approximately half the time, while looking like a boss. Our engineers designed ZIPCASE to not only be one of the most joyous but practical travel accessories. Stop lugging your belongings around and waiting for your feet to cramp. If you want to travel in style, but also have the most ultimate & compact suitcase, ZIPCASE is for you. Let's tap into our youth.


More lightweight than our competitors

Compact & Functional

Make navigating through airports fun

Get to your destination in 50% of the time. Tried and Tested.




WEIGHT - 2.7 Kg

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