Personal Movie Goggles

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The award-winning MovieMask is a simple yet innovative device that turns your smartphone into your own personal cinema. The unique optics gives you a full-screen solution with a much higher resolution and optical clarity than traditional VR.

In order for traditional VR goggles to work, the screen on your smartphone must be split down the middle to create one screen for each eye— a process that requires special apps and often results low resolution images. MovieMask uses a different optical solution that provides amazing resolution without splitting the screen, and works with all your favorite mobile apps.

Simply place your smartphone in the lid, select a movie from any application that you like, close the lid, and put on your MovieMask. In an instant, you'll be able to enjoy enjoy epic moments with 4x the resolution as mobile VR.

Stream your favorite TV and movies, enjoy 360 degree videos on social media, and if you're a drone enthusiast, you can even use it as a head mounted display for steering your drone.