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Meet Hoverball

A one of a kind flying spinner that hovers and glides through the air. Unlike any other flying spinner, the Hoverball actually always comes back, kind of like a boomerang. All you have to do is shake it to start the fun. You'll have people amazed with the Hoverball. There are 100's of tricks to practice and master. If you're still a little hazy on the concept, think of it like a flying yo-yo, but without the string.



Kid Friendly & Safety Tested

This is made for anyone and everyone but kids are loving it everywhere across the globe. We've safety tested the Hoverball over and over to ensure that they're completely kid-friendly & safe. Get them off the Ipad or Nintendo switch and onto something more active. The Hoverball will help enhance hand eye coordination as well as help with socialization. The kids down the block are sure to be amazed.


The Hoverball can spin ultra fast while just hovering in your palm. Feel like a magician as you toss it and it comes straight back to you. If you toss it in the air prepare to see it soar, until it lands back onto your palm. This is fun for everyone. With 1000s of orders being placed now, the Hoverball is of limited supply so get yours today before we sell out!

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