Whiteout Pro
Whiteout Pro
Whiteout Pro
Whiteout Pro

Whiteout Pro

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FlexPods Pro have been designed to deliver the drama of an immersive sound experience with the comfort of a personalized fit

Features & Functionalities

  • Active noise cancellation to block out ambient noise
  • Transparency mode when you need to hear your surroundings
  • Dual optical sensors - tap once to pause, twice to fast forward (customizable)
  • Dual beam-forming microphones
  • Motion-detecting accelerometer
  • Silicone tips for all-day comfort
  • Functional senors that pause when a FlexPod is removed and resumes audio when it's put back in place
  • Battery percentage pop-up card
  • Wireless charging case with 24 hour battery life
  • Battery life of 8 hours and 100 hour standby time
  • Made for iPhone but can pair with many devices such as Android and PC
  • Sweat-proof and never falls out
  • Siri voice assistant
  • Lightweight design


What’s in the Box?
Whiteout Pro
Wireless Charging Case
Silicone ear tips (three sizes)
Lightning Cable

    Design Specifications:
    FlexPods Pros:
    Height: 1.22 inches (30.9mm)
    Width: 0.86 inch (21.8mm)
    Depth: 0.94 inch (24.0mm)
    Weight: 0.19 inch (5.4mm)

    FlexPods Pros Wireless Charging Case:
    Height: 1.78 inches (45.2mm)
    Width: 2.39 inch (60.6mm)
    Depth: 0.85 inch (21.7mm)
    Weight: 1.61 inch (45.6mm)

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